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Al Ain Travel Information
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Al Ain Dubai Travel Tips and Al Ain Dubai Travel Information

Al Ain Dubai Travel InformationGarden City, not just of the Emirates but certainly of the Arabian Peninsula. Al Ain - oasis, retreat, university town, granary - is the chief town of the Emirates' most fertile area and part of a large, historically critical oasis.

Development in Al Ain has been extensive, much of it set in motion when Sheikh Zayed, the president of the UAE and ruler of Abu Dhabi, governed the region. It's a charming city: building heights are restricted which is why it retains some of the atmosphere of a country town despite the gridiron layout of the streets.

Here is where the ruler's personal directive can be seen at work: making the desert green, and within the city, scores of fountains and acres of green parks emphasise just why Al Ain is the Garden City. Its history as an important Arabian oasis - known as Buraimi earlier and shared by Abu Dhabi and Oman - is evident all around. The Hili park to the north was developed as a setting for the UAE's leading archaeological monument, the Hili tomb. Carved in relief on the slabs of the tomb are scenes that provide an extraordinary window on life here 4,000 years ago. Forts too abound in Al Ain.

These once upon a time guarded the precious palm groves. Traditional mud-brick forts, like Jahili, have been carefully renovated, and several others are as impressive, like those at Murajib and Mazyad. Jebel Hafit is the dominant landmark in Al Ain, a rearing humpback of a mountain.

At its foot is the Ain abu Sukhna, a sweet water spring that has been extensively developed as a resort. Also in Jebel Hafit's shadow is the Al Ain zoo, the largest in the Middle East. Here vast paddocks are home to flourishing herds of Arabian oryx, an endangered species.


Al Ain is far about 160 kms. from Abu Dhabi , so you can get to Al Ain by bus or by taxi along a beautiful and lightened road. Al Ain lies at the east of Abu Dhabi .
Al Ain is far about 140 Kms. from Dubai so you can get to Al Ain by taxi along an excellent and lightened road . Al Ain lies at the South of Dubai.

If you want get to Al Ain from Ras Al Khaimah 200 kms , Umm Al Quwain 180 kms, Ajman 169 kms , sharajah 155 kms and Fujairah 200 kms that you will pass through Dubai then to Al Ain.

It's too easy to get to AL Ain from Oman Via Buraimi. ( in Oman) or Mezyed ( in Al Ain ).
You can get to Al Ain by its International Airport which is far about 20 Kms It was opend in 1994.

There are 3 five stars hotels in Al-Ain which are the Intercontinental, Hilton and Rotana Hotel.

These are some useful numbers in Al-Ain City

Police 999
Fire Department 998
Ambulance 997
Al-Jimi Hospital 03 635888
Twam Hospital 03 677444
Water 611111

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